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Application to join The Federation of Hibernia

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Application to join The Federation of Hibernia

The Federation of Hibernia is a PvE/RvR guild that recruits new, returning and existing players wanting to explore depths of Dark Age of Camelot. We will not just only RvR all the time but we will adventure into the Modern content and the old school content in and around the game. TFoH do not only run raids but are helpful in advising in templates, specs, how to run raids etc. Also the guild is about having fun and enjoying yourself with us. This guild is certainly not a guild to join to be forced into anything.

List of fun PvE Raids:
1. Queen and Otherworlds Campaign 1-10
2. Darkness Falls Raid
3. Summoners Hall
4. Master level 10 (draco)
5. Dragon Raid (Big 3)
6. Master level 1-9 (ToA)
7. Artie Raids (ToA)
8. Kraken and Levi (ToA)

List of fun RvR stuff:
1. 8man/Zerging
2. Stealthers
3. Maybe a bit of small man
4. Cathal Valley (45-49 bg xp/rvring)

Guild Rules:
1. No drama
2. No Hacking/cheating
3. No X-realming (sending information to another realm)
4. Respect others how they would treat you
5. Must have FUN

I wouldn't say this is important but Team Speak is important if u want to join in with our RvR events and some PvE events.

If you are interested in joining us please register and Reply on this post!


I'd love to join! My name is Chris, 39, USA East Coast. I played when the game was in alpha/beta/etc and probably quit around ToA. I'm looking to rekindle that old RvR feeling again. I literally have no idea where my old characters are (put in an email to the admins to try and find them), but I figured I'd make some new ones on Hibernia. I'm a team player -- my favorite job was playing my Nightshade and just watching the groups run by, and report on them. I also played a Druid (was probably the only one who enjoyed playing a Druid instead of having it botted). Anyway, I hope to join up and I have a TON of questions -- are all the Ywain servers linked or separate? Which one are you guys on? Thanks!


Hiya and Welcome Brandolin.

Find any federation toon in game and ask for an invite.

Just refer to BOUG APPROVED ME ON BOARDS, or better yet find me :-)

          The FORMER Whip

       "we few, we happy few"

Well said, Bougy!


Greetings I submitted an application to join. Is there an officer on right now? I don't want to spam pms in game due to many of you being in rvr. I'll be in Molvik for the next few hours. I'll try again later. ty.


Hi Goldball,

If you contact a member I'm sure they'll get you in. 



FoH Guild Master 

Solicfear - (Hero) RR11L2

Solicranger - (Ranger) RR3L6

Solicboom - (Eld) 




Thanks for accepting me into the guild!  Once the servers are up I'll log on and find someone to help me get my toons in.  

Looking forward to playing with you guys.


Welcome to The Federation of Hibernia :)


Welcome on board :)


Hi everyone!  My name is George(Leegen) and I'm a recently returning player who is eager to get back into the game and make some new friends! This guild was recommended to me by another player that I met in game earlier tonight.  I'd like to join the guild if you could use another!


Hi George 

feel free to /send any of our members They will be able to get you an Invite 

Thats ofc if you already havn't




Thank you for accepting my application. Looked like most were tied up in Fomor Dream tonight, so I didn't interrupt. I'll check in with someone tomorrow on TeamSpeak or in game chat to ask about character invites in game. Take care all. Looking forward to meeting you.



Welcome to FOH Silmarilla

Anything you need Help with please ask in /gu :)



Hi my character is named Laifaranger. I applied to the guild.

I am a returning player on a new account .

I will be in molvik for awhile gaining some rr before I hit the frontiers.

I should be online tonight around 6-10 Pm EST. hope I can join the guild thanks

Just fyi I go afk a lot for smoke breaks so if I don't reply on the game

I will come right back.




Hi There 

sorry i missed your pm earlier When Back in Game 

please pm Daerel and i will invite you or anyone of our guys will be able to put you in touch with someone who can 



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