Team speak has been updated to 50 slots


Hi all,

Me and Lilith and the officers last nite decided to push our team speak to 50 slots due to the volume of people using out team speak last night. Since our guild is doing multiple events we decided to push it up to the max this site can allow. Since this is happened we have to pay more money into the website.

If there is anyone who can chip in a bit of money now or then would be much appreciated so we  can keep the team speak up and also the website. If you got any questions on how to pay for the website/Team speak please let me know. 

If you want to start donating go to Site Contribution on the side widget and click donate Days. You have options on how many days you want to pay for. I'm not expecting anyone to put the max days in but anything would be awesome.

I hope you like the new update and if you wish to run public events you are more than welcome to use our guild team speak. 

Many thanks


FoH Guild Master 


FoH Guild Master 

Solicfear - (Hero) RR11L2

Solicranger - (Ranger) RR3L6

Solicboom - (Eld) 



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