Hello, Errbody!


Hey all!  First, I'd like to say thank you for the invite to the guild.  

A little about my background in this game..

I started playing in '01 clear through about '09-'10.  Or whenever Labyrinth came out.  I never played that expansion.  During my time in that era, I was an officer in several guilds.. RIOT, Onslaught, and many years in Immortal Crusaders Albion/Galahad (Lasrael, mercenary).  I've lead raids, MA'd for guild RVR nights, etc.  I also had extended stays on Mid/Kay with some close friends and our own little guild.  Hibernia was somewhere I never spent a lot of time, so I decided to give it a go this time around.

So, wow!  This game has changed quite a bit.  It's been a huge learning experience in both trying to remember how to play and all of the new stuff (OW, Curse).  Although I managed to recover my main account, I never could get my other 4 back.  So basically, going from being a rich man on Galahad to starting over with little to nothing on Hib has been tough as well, lol.  I stumbled onto Postcount and that appears to be the new VN boards.  It's helped to point me into the right direction on things.

I've also convinced my friend (his main here is Massivewood, warden, and in our guild) to start playing as well.  And his grandma.  Dead serious.  She is a gamer.

I may ask a lot of questions for a while.  Hib zones are new to me.  This game is new to me, again.  Bear with me :) I look forward to grouping with everyone, RVR'ing with everyone, and helping where I can.  I am still getting established here, so don't think I am ignoring anyone or don't want to help.  I am just trying to get myself ready to help, if that makes sense.

Feel free to say hi, chat, etc.

Repto - 50 vamp; Kusanar - 4x hero; Lazzx - 4x mentalist; Arnoxx - 4x ranger

Those are my guilded toons

Looking forward to some good times!




Welcome to the Federation.  Old Alb/Bors player here from early 2002.  Good to see us old folks still playing!  By old I meant me. LOL 


Me too.. well, I feel old at 34 lol


47 here.  Sometimes feel older living in NW Ohio. LOL 

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