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I announce my depature from DAoC


Hi all,

As you've probably noticed I've not been online for 3 weeks and it's not that I don't like you all but I'm starting my music degree this week. Since this is a career i want to go into and with all the studying I'll be doing I regret to say that I wont have time playing DAoC anymore.

This was a hard choice to make but I think my career and my personal life comes first. Yes I have met a girl online and she's really nice and really want to make the time and effort to go and see her.

I have left Boug, Varoe, Whisky, Dime and Lilith in charge of the guild and I hope they can take FoH to a new level. I've done my part on bringing FoH as far as i can but it's time to hand over the reins to someone who has more time and commitment.

I will miss all the great memories we've had as a guild and alliance. I may some day return but for now I would like to say good luck and long live FoH and Dark Age of Camelot.

All the best




FoH Guild Master 

Solicfear - (Hero) RR11L2

Solicranger - (Ranger) RR3L6

Solicboom - (Eld) 





you have been a great asset to FoH and Daoc 

I wish you all the best for the Future 

you will be missed!! 

Good Luck 


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Wish you the best in the future and a VERY big thanks for inviting me into the FoH family!!


You will be missed!!


Good luck Solic. You will be missed!

Sad to ear it, but that's for the future !

Enjoy in those studies, take care and thanks for everything you bring to FoH !


Very sorry to see you leave as I'm going to miss you and your BGs a TON! But I'm also excited to hear about all the stuff you're going to be doing so make SURE you find time to pop into TeamSpeak and here on the forums to say Hi and let us know what's going on as we're going to be missing you BIG HUGE LARGE time!


Solic who?..


          The FORMER Whip

       "we few, we happy few"

Good for you man, dig in and make that future shine. 


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