Crafting requests

2 pieces and then I promise that's it!


I'm probably driving everyone nuts(Mostly Daeril)  but I added curse chest to complete the template and now I am done with this template until I acquire curse pieces which who knows how long that'll take.

Please craft these whenever you have the time and tell me the cost.  DAEREL, I owe you still for the last pair of gloves you made <3.


Ornamented Cailiocht Gloves(10AF)

Heat: 11

Hits: 68

Stealth: 3

Body: 5


Ornamented Cailocht Boots(5 Con)

Heat: 7

Cold: 3

Hits: 76

Celtic Dual: 5


Thank you and I am sorry for being a pain with these requests


Completed Leegin 

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