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Guild Hall: prelude to trophy hunt


Greetings Noble Ladies & Lords of The Federation of Hibernia!


I am about to plan some Raids & Events within the next months. One of the actions: a Run for Trophies! Our proud Guild Hall seems to be stuffed with a lot of Trophies collected on our travels throughout the lands of the Dark Age. Yes! We can be proud about our collection. The space in our Hall is almost used up and I had to remove some fur & furniture to make room. As there are some of the stuffed remains to be seen twice & thrice - I think we have 4 Winged Terrors - I still can put some of these aside to make room for Trophies we are missing.

First to mention here - as some of our brave mates already tried to hunt it down - is the almighty Hydra dwelling in Fomor City: Myrdraxxis! Yes! I think that is the most-wanted Trophy to be shown in our Halls. .. and this will be for sure one of the first Raids we wanted to see. As the exploration of the City of the Fomorians is also worth a travel to the Vale of Balor.

Well... we still have to find some more remains to make some great exhibit. I give you a small excerpt of what i like to organize also:

There are many mob in the Frontiers to hunt down. Two of them i wanted to have for our Halls: Megalodon (shark) and Evern (lizard). I think we have the Green Knight.

From Atlantis we are missing: some Barracudas, some sharks, Echo of Qebehsenuef (harpy), Andranchos Xuthos (Ox), Samut, Talos, Medusa and Martikhoras. Some of these are Master Level End-Mobs.

We might find some remains to stuff in the Labyrinth: Muxog, Mino Construct, The Lord Agramon .. and more.

 Well .. as i said: this is just an excerpt. As we all have our favorites like Morty, Stinky, Bertha, Scar-Nose and all the others.

I really would enjoy to plan, organize and realize the Trophy Hunts together with this Guild as we all can see in our Guild Hall what we have acieved. ... pls feel free to add some comments here, as we also might help you out to get a Trophy for your own Home. Expect details in the near future..  I will find us a date on the calendar and will set an extra topic with some advice how to deal with the this Monsters.




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Sounds an Exciting and Fun Project Var


I am in for some trophy hunting!

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