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Seems Sneastras  was pissed last night at us alliance stealthers.  Even tho we were not grouped with any visis. LOL 

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Hahaha seems our alliance are making a name for ourselves! About time, if we can't do it as visi's we can do it as stealthers bahahah 


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Wow, that's some serious hate towards her stealth group.  I've been rolled by them 8v1 a few times.  I don't take it personally.  It's an rvr zone and you take your chances out there.  On the flip side I have no issues being one of the 8 ganging up on a solo.  It's a big bad world out there.  Don't want to get prison r@ped, don't go or bring more friends. :)

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If you solo, sometimes you’re lucky, sometimes you get bent over without dinner or flowers. LOL 

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