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Chest: Shrouded wanderer Vest

Arms: Infernal Cailiocht Sleeves 

Legs: Astral Leggings of the Leech

feet: Crystalized bodybender blazed cailiocht boots

gloves: Cursed life guantlets

helm: OW Adept orbital

Neck: Midwinter's Frozen Medal of Honor

Myty: Freezing boundless mythirian

Cloak: Astral cloak of the outrider

Gem: Skull of the soul keeper

Belt: Adept belt of the vigilant

Ring1: OW adept ring

Ring2: OW furtive ring

Bracer1: Bracelet of Eternal Retribution

Bracer2: Band of the dream conqueror

Weapons: Pictslayer Rapier, Infectious Ranger Steel

Bow: Malignant Ranger Recurve bow





Crush 23%

slash 23%

thrust 23%

Heat 36%

Cold 31%

Matter 31%

Body 36%

spirit 36%

Energy 41%


Special item bonuses

10% to all melee dmg

10% to all spell dmg

2% to all style dmg

8% spell range

15% spell duration

12% to all healing spells 

10% to casting spell

5% spell piercing bonus


Mythical item bonuses

14 myth stat cap strength

10 myth stat cap dex

10 myth stat cap con

4% myth dps

6 myth stat cap acuity

30% myth health regen


Realm rank bonuses +5 to all specs



Is it just my background but this looks like black font on a dark brown background.  Had to copy/paste in notepad to read.  Looks good though!

Sunshines, bard

Frenchie, ranger

Sunburned, blademaster

Magecraft, chanter
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