Introduction and back after 10years+


Good morning all,

I really just wanted to introduce myself and say thank you for the guild invite. Without the help and support of the guildies with information and answering my endless questions I don't think I would still be trying to get back into things :)

I was originally from Hib Excal where my main was originally Tdaer my ranger and Slytale Frogwart my Luri shade. We belonged to Celtic Fist for the most part which was part of the biggest hib alliance on the server.

I had various other toons including a very highly specced druid BB and bard travelBot who taxi'd people to Emain.  ( don't judge me :P ) At any given time I had 3 accounts running totaling up over 10 Lvl 50 toons 

Not PVP'd much on the new frontiers but hope to be getting into that soon ! For now just getting all my questlines done and gear up to date ( which surprisingly enough isn't too bad )

I've been recording some of the stuff with the hope to actually properly stream in the coming weeks - just too much going on to narrate and play right now having to focus hard :P Also still figuring out my UI stuff so be gentle :)

Here's a link to my channel - I've uploaded the OW / Curse raids I was part of and some of our DF dailies.Any objections to that - please lemme know when you see me ingame or reply here :)

Anyways - Look forward to playing with you all and ganking some alb/ mid scum !

Catcha online !

CP out




Welcome Back and to FoH 


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