Ywain Population status


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Population at EU prime-time (Bank Holiday/Memorial Day)  


Time: 9:30PM CET / 8.30PM UK / 3:30PM EST / 2:30PM CST / 12:30PM PST



New Frontiers: 201

Tir Na Nog (Hib Capital city): 35

Cathal Valley: 7

Molvik: 12

Thidrank 8

Total: 315 online (including all zones)



New Frontiers: 192

Jordheim (Mid Capital City): 7

Cathal Valley: 4

Molvik: 10

Thidrank: 4

Total: 306 online (Including all zones)



New Frontiers: 136

Camelot (Alb Capital City): 36

Cathal Valley: 8

Molvik: 14

Thidranki: 3

Total: 292 online (Including all zones)


Total number on Ywain Server 913 Players

(This doesn’t include anon players)



FoH Guild Master 

Solicfear - (Hero) RR11L2

Solicranger - (Ranger) RR3L6

Solicboom - (Eld) 




Interesting numbers!  Do you think the amount of bots make up for the /anon on?


What prime time are we talking about?


Sunshines, bard

Bluebell, blue shade

Sunburned, blademaster

Sunspears, up and coming hero-ett


Looks like UK/Europe prime time 

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