Guild Changes 1/7/2018 Please Read


G'day Team Federation,

Today we had a little change in ranks and rescources in the guild.

It was decied today that Solic and Melodic are stepping down from the guild master roll. 


This will leave Varoa in the position of EU prime time Guildmaster , Dimeetreas will be Guildmaster of the US prime time.


But never fear. 

Solic and Melodic will still be here working along side them in exciting new roles.

Solic has taken his passion for fun and adventure and turned that in to the new Events Leader/Advisor Postion.


Melodic will be starting the new Position of recruitment Leader/Advisor position. 


Over time we will be workign to expand these officers and incorparate other officers into new and exciting rolls.


Whiisky as always will be in charge of alliance recruiting , moderation and over all fun in that area.


So while all these changes are new and exciting , of course this means that we need you guys to bear with us in this as it is a slow process .If any one has any trouble with this process please contact a person mentioned above.


This is all in the effort to move our guild into the future and make this game as fun and enteratining for all, no matter what you enjoy.


Thanks Melodic & Team

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