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Welcome to our family Belfalas!!


Hi there, I am a returning player after a 5 year break to see what is happening in the game.  Taking it slowly as I see there are very few people I still know.  I have all 3 Realms, but Hib & my Bard always had a special place in my heart.  So i want to relearn game once more playing that class I loved. 

I am 9L9 and used to be part of 8 man roam groups, but I do not believe I am ready for any of that yet since I play the most important role.  Willing to learn everything and meet new people in any kind of content, even if its above my level.  My in game name is Zoomx, I tried reaching out to a few in game a bit ago, but I believe they were AFK.

I play in US EST timezone and have a family, so I most likely will be logging in the late PM for a bit till I get acclimated again.

Hope I get to meet some new peeps!!!





Welcome Back!!!


please do a Guild Search /who federation 

and ask someone to pass on you want an invite pls

Welcome Back 



Have you been invited Yet to the Guild?



Returning after 5 years away

looking to join FoH if you guys will allow me

Cottontale 50 Hero 

and other 50s 


Hello everyone,

I'm an old, very old EU (Excalibur) player, returning for a bit of casual play. My main characters would be Erynwen (enchanter) and Sisay (BM) plus a horde of small(-ish) ones waiting in line to be raised higher.

I would love to join you for some RVR and PVE, especially since i would like to complete the Curse campaign.




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