Verine/Xlap Ultimate Hero build


Pretty simple starting point, I wanted to have the highest DPS and the maximum HP without having to make compromises elsewhere. Please remember you need 250 quickness so investment in RA if you are firbi/cow and the hard cap for damage IS NOT AT 400 it is actually much higher. I did tests recently and it looks like it is around 445/450 str. Compared to 400 str it does 10% more damage! This means you will have to invest in aug str 3/4 to reach this cap (if you are firbi/cow)

This is what it looks like. I hope you will enjoy it. I also have other versions with 25% reduc cc or combo Shrouded Vest/Loyal Cloak. Just PM me :D

<-- Stats -->
Strength: 126 
Constitution:  126 
Quickness: 99 
Hits: 600 
Armor Factor:  50 

<-- Resists -->
All @ 26%

<-- Skills -->
All @ +11 including Parry & Shield !

<-- Other Bonuses -->
Melee Damage: 10% 
Style Damage: 10%
Melee Speed:  10% 
Mythical DPS: 10%
Mythical Endurance Regen: 5%
Conversion: 3%

<-- Items -->
Head: Otherworldly Mighty Eyes 
Chest: Hauberk of Demonic Dreams 
Hands: Cursed Blood Gauntlets 

Arms: Dragonsworn Decorated Osnadurtha Arms (Crafted)
(Hits: 40 pts)
Fiery Essence Jewel (precious) (Strength: 23 pts)
Airy Essence Jewel (faceted) (Quickness: 20 pts)
Blood Essence Jewel (precious) (Hits: 60 pts)
Vapor Battle Jewel (flawed) (Parry: 4)

Legs: Decorated Osnadurtha (Stygia) Legs (Crafted)
(Strength cap: 5)
Airy Essence Jewel (faceted) (Quickness: 20 pts)
Earthen Shielding Jewel (rough) (Matter: 3%)
Vapor Battle Jewel (imperfect) (Parry: 5)
Fiery Battle Jewel (uncut) (Shield: 2)

Feet: Dragonsworn Decorated Osnadurtha Feet (Crafted)|
(TOA Fatigue: 5)
Fiery Battle Jewel (flawed) (Shield: 4)
Heated Shielding Jewel (polished) (Heat: 9%)
Fiery Shielding Jewel (flawed) (Crush: 5%)
Airy Essence Jewel (faceted) (Quickness: 20 pts)

Necklace: Merchant's Ghostly Medal of Valor 
Cloak: Astral Cloak of Heroes 
Jewel: Skull of the Soul Keeper 
Belt: Sulphurous Demon Belt 
Left Bracer: Band of the Dream Conqueror 
Right Bracer: Warshadow Bracer 
Left Ring: Midsummer's Triumphant Wrap 
Right Ring: Otherworldly Dueling Ring 
Mythirian: Freezing King Mythirian 

<-- Weapons -->
Right Hand: Astral Blade (or whatever is your preference)
Shield: Hallowed Shield of Anarchy (or similar version with regular skin)
Two Handed: Gloom Warder's Spear 

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