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Alternative Events OCT 20/21 & 27./28.


Greetings & Salutation, Noble Members!

Of cause the real kick in this game is to fight RvR. And we do! But... there is more ...

Upcoming weekends Oct 20./21. and 27./28. I would like to invite you - Alliance and Guild Mates - to participate in some actions and events given as an alternative to the common raids that happen most of the time. Also as an alternative to the usual New Frontier Battle Group Zerg, and also as an alternative to the knitting and stitching crafters, leaning over their benches.

What is behind of this?. In September Lillith placed an every-day-action schedule here on page and it had an amazing echo. This month Lillith is not up. So some friends here in the ranks rose their hand to fill the gap
by leading some of the wanted and can-not-do-it-alone events. Excellent! Just to mention that! So I also want to fling some action for us.

Ok. What are we talking about:
-Time Frame: Oct 20./21. & 27./28. Central European Time: Start: 4pm - open end (4-6am next day -I hope I bring condition. 12-14 hours)

-People: Yes! We want Friends, Mates, Combatants. ACTIVE Players! To build Groups according to the needs.
-Action: ..Well there are still a lot of Zones / Areas / Spots WE ONCE visited, as they came out of the Game Makers Oven. So we might get on a little Nostalgic Trip to refresh the memory. Maybe we will never see some spots again.
-Items: sure. depends on where we going. Skull from Cave of Cruachan (Co5 Dungeon) for sure an OK item :)
-Gain: 17 years! So much is sunken! Lost! Nerfed! Two weekends to run in a PvE group for maybe 2 hours to make some Snap-Shots, i think that's fun.. Some spots: We might cut thru like hot knifes thru butter, or we will fail in a grandiose way. But at least, we've been there!

The Menu Board:

RvR Zones:
Passage of Conflict: Summoners Hall. Not that EZ, but to check our skills :)
Darkness Falls: according to the Zerg.. lol .. we might hold DF.. in that case! We move over to make DF Raid. IF we have a force, we can make a full DF raid.
The Labyrinth: Zhulrathuul & Agramon.. clean up from hub 4 to 1.

Cave of Cruachan: OneTimeDrop Skull / Co5- Inferno Queststep (3rd Champion-Quest Chapter): If any one has that step . we kill all 5 Named so we can enter the dungeon beyond Mini Legion to kill Crom Cruaich (drops remains).

Hallowed King: Tir na Nog instance with a work-around :)

Fomor City: oh. to kill the Hydra: Myrddraxis and the way to get to it. most fun! deffo worth to go.
Tur Suil: thats realy only for sight seeing: King Balor Trophy
Meteor Crater: Just to have seen it
Galladoria: a must .. in fact

ToA:Master Levels:
bah.. nope . buy/farm Glass.. but IF some ppl want to have a sightseeing .. kk letz see..

Well.. The next patch is on the horizon! And its pretty obvious: they will do somthing with the old Catacombs region. And before we will see it reduced to Dark Spire only.. We like to visit that spots in case they will be gone/not accessable.
So we might take focus on:
(pst... ya can port over if ya have a Soju bound to Shar Labyrinth ;-)
Dark Spire (I visited it a few days ago - still accessable, and will be by porter in the future)
Part of Frontlines: Nytt Heim
Part of Deadlands of Annwnn (Winged Terror Trophy)

Trophy Hunt:
not this time, as it is for individuel purpose

Open to suggestions: help me in case I have not mentioned the action you want to face: .. like ..
Dragonslayer(final queststep Dragonquest)-(lol. handing out 10 Blood Seals each to the first 3 that can tell me how that works)
Epic step 7-9 (always quick to do it with some mates)

- that we will do:

(DF - in case we hold it)
Dark Spire (I have nuff Soju that can port toons over)
.. and on the fly we decide.

ooookayyy. that's what we want to try. If you in a great mood to show up.. that woulda be amazing !
kinda different action . but, as we still all pay for the content, we have the right to challenge it from time to time ..

Meet ya ingame


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You can keep your blood seals Varoa :) Dragon Slayer starts with quest to kill the Prince guy in South part of Sheeroe Hills, then you have to kill the 4 mini dragons in Sheeroe Hills, then you turn that in and get a sword to summon the dragons from Alb and Mid (which isn't really doable right now with the Curse Quest as you will have Salle debuffing your attack speed and cast speed so it's really pretty ugly, but once you kill the three dragons (you can usually pull one by it's self but the other two will aggro and with the Curse quest Cuul wont be attackable until you start the Curse encounter but he'll still attack you. So you kill the three dragons, turn it in and you will have your dragonslayer weapon :)



I have copied this post to our Discord :)

I am hoping to attend sounds Great


.. ah, thank you Dimee.. yes that's the new way to do it under the [curse] circumstances. exelent.

I just wanted to challenge the knowledge and memory of the community a little bit.. :) all good. as it is a lot of running in the dragon quest line - if you want to learn all stop overs - I think no one is at that point and it was more to tease tease the people.

Thank you for pasting it to Discord, Daeril. I would appreciate any player that will find the time to come along and participate. I might be a little be rusty at some way-points, so would be great if some other veterans tag along also.


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More Events Today!


indeed.. we had ..

Labyrinth.. Labyrinth was fun. But @ Agramon we had an amount of spawns/add unseen till now.. well.. we .. failed .)

..was not able to convince ppl to make 2nd Dark Spire run. well. i hope we go there b4 next patch. as 1st run was fun & it was over too fast .)

SH? null. not the power.

Morn full King? so lala . shoulda work on it .

We also PLed . .. .. as i can say: we have very nice & friendly players in guild, growing up, that can do also good conversation!

Co5 including Inferno. Nope. no1 was up to help as 2 mates here still in need..

DF: well.. as usual: mates tagging along. but never enough to deal with the Bosses.

.. so far the report . still on it .


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There's no such thing as not the ability when it comes to this guild, it has done the impossible! (I may write a series on this one day because it has even made me go "whoa" lol)  It's all about learning the mechanics of the game, takes deaths, but as long as you don't repeat the same tactics again and again, you will find the solution :)


2nd Alternative Events Run next Weekend. 27./28. OCT. Start: 4 PM - CET.

PoC / SH: another topic we have to bring up.. as that is an instance that demands active players to have a good time

Darkness Falls: still a major task.. because.. not everybody brought down 4 High Lords, 3 Prince, 1 Princess, Legion, Beliathan, Behemoth.. erh .. wait .. lol

The Labyrinth: we roam from hub 4. if any1 ready to kill that dragon . yvw

Mornfull King / Tir na Nog: Hero/Champ/Warden/Ranger/Ranger/Druid/Bard/random .. cycle rinse repeat  .. yawn.

Dark Spire: Cata might be nerfed/patched ..We 4 sure try to make another group for a Dark Spire run.. maybe only 4 sight seeing.. it will be fragged by the Game Masters.

Co5: still on the menu-board : end-Boss = Crom Cruaich, but only in case group members have Inferno Quest.

SI: Also some spots to visit: Tur Suil / Fomor City / Crater .. / Galla? tbc

Power Level: well. sure :)




oki . meet ya ingame


PS: ty Dimee. ya always had a solution.. maybe ya tag along? :/

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.. Thank You!

We had a good time.

As Dark Spire run is a bit disappointing. It is over too fast in the end. Well.. The Game Masters have ideas to deal with it.

Cave of Cruachan (Circle of Five Dungeon (Champion Quest-line Chapter 3 (Inferno))). Done! Ppl got the OTD (Skull). But next time: better coordination, as two Players still have Inferno step. Let us sync that!

Labyrinth: It seems dead. As it is a vast Map. But at Crossroads we had some INC. We came from Hub 4 and killed several named on our way. I will continue to offer runs there, if you in the mood to make a group.

well. . end of report ..


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Thank you Varoa for The Fun Events you organised over the Last 2 Weekends 



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