Druid Verine/Altamz Template - The Beast !


Hey all, 

Me again. I recently worked on a new template for my druid, now that I have played it quite a bit (nearly 8L) I figured I will tweak to my requirements a little. This is definitely a more expensive version than the previous one but better in every way.

As always you will dext Aug Dext IV on a Celt with +16 dext at creation to hit the 374 cap. After playing healers so much these past few weeks I realised mana regen is the most important on a healer build so I bumped this up, removed Zo' Arkat which I never used (I try to keep my distance and hardly find myself next to a caster) and added the Egg of Youth.

In terms of utility there is plenty: IH 25% (self) on gloves, IH 33% on cloak, 5% HP on Bracer, 10% HP (self) on second weapon). The icing on the cake is the 8% conversion (effectively adding 8% HP to this build since you get 8% more absorption). 

The 25% native bonus buff which allow you to rebuff while in combat and without having to switch items (that was a pain for me in the previous temp).
Plenty of mana and regen on this temp, you will heal all night long without a break !!
Spec wise I use 40 buff and 35 heal so I make the most of this temp and bonuses. I have also set new macros and I am happy to share for those you want eg. one button will heal if ally is targeted or start a series of 3 shear if target if an enemy. 

Please leave your comments so I know what you think about it :)

Constitution: 119
Dexterity:     126
Empathy:     101
Hits:            430
Armor Factor: 14

Crush: 26% 
Slash: 25% 
Thrust: 25% 
Body: 26% 
Spirit: 26% 
Energy: 26%
Heat: 26% 
Cold: 28%
Matter: 26%

Cast Speed: 10% 
Spell Range: 10% 

Mythical Power Regen: 23% 
Power Pool: 30%
Heal Bonus: 25% 
Arcane Siphon: 10%

Buff Bonus: 25%
Spell Duration: 20%

Mythical CC Reduction: 2% / 25%
Mythical Health Regen: 5% / 50%

>>> Conversion: 8% <<<

Head: Otherworldly Curative Sunburst 
Chest: Darkseed Armor 
Arms: Infernal Osnadurtha Sleeves 
Hands: Cursed Blood Gauntlets 

Legs: Spell Marked Osnadurtha (Aerus) Legs (Crafted)
(TOA Power Pool: 5%)
Earthen Essence Jewel (imperfect) (Constitution: 14 pts)
Vapor Shielding Jewel (polished) (Spirit: 9%)
Blood Essence Jewel (perfect) (Hits: 76 pts)
Dusty Shielding Jewel (flawed) (Body: 5%)

Feet: Spell Marked Osnadurtha (Aerus) Feet (Crafted)
(Acuity cap: 5)
Fiery Shielding Jewel (imperfect) (Crush: 7%)
Light Shielding Jewel (flawed) (Energy: 5%)
Blood Essence Jewel (flawless) (Hits: 68 pts)
Vapor Essence Jewel (rough) (Dexterity: 8 pts)

Necklace: Searing Demon Necklace 
Cloak: Cliodna's Otherworldly Restorative Cloak 
Jewel: Egg of Youth 
Belt: Otherworldly Agile Belt 
Left Bracer: Band of the Dream Conqueror 
Right Bracer: Glimmershade Bracer 
Left Ring: Construct Forged Ring 
Right Ring: Midsummer's Triumphant Wrap 
Mythirian: Freezing Glistening Mythirian 

Right Hand: Doppelganger Arcane Mace 
Shield: Hallowed Saga Etched Shield 

Left Hand: Dochar Druid blade (for 10% HP buff)


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