Bard SC Verinzz (Reduc CC)



For those looking for a temp with % reduc crowd control and strong mana regen :)
15 dext at creation will bring you to 374 dext on a celt with Aug Dext IV.
8% conversion and all the goodies you want to have (switch toEgg if you do structure RVR)


Constitution: 127 
Dexterity: 127 
Charisma: 80
Hits: 412
Armor Factor (AF): 24 


Crush: 26% 
Slash: 25% 
Thrust: 25%
Body: 25%
Spirit: 26% 
Energy: 26% 
Heat: 26% 
Cold: 26% 
Matter: 26%


Cast Speed: 10% 
Magic Damage: 6% 
Spell Range: 10% 
Power Pool: 11%
Arcane Siphon: 10%
Heal Bonus: 25% 
Spell Duration:         20% 

Mythical Power Regen: 25%
Mythical CC Reduction: 25%
Mythical Health Regen: 25%
Mythical End Regen:         3%

Buff Bonus: 5% / 25%
Conversion: 8% / 10%


Head: Otherworldly Curative Sunburst 
Chest: Darksong Tunic 
Arms: Infernal Cailiocht Sleeves 
Hands: Cursed Blood Gauntlets 

Legs: Blazed Cailocht (Volc) Legs (Crafted)
(TOA Power Pool: 5%)
Earthen Essence Jewel (flawed) (Constitution: 11 pts)
Blood Essence Jewel (perfect) (Hits: 76 pts)
Fiery Shielding Jewel (imperfect) (Crush: 7%)
Vapor Shielding Jewel (flawed) (Spirit: 5%)

Feet: Dragonsworn Orheadnted Cailocht Feet (Crafted)
(Constitution: 15 pts)
Blood Essence Jewel (perfect) (Hits: 76 pts)
Icy Shielding Jewel (flawed) (Cold: 5%)
Light Shielding Jewel (imperfect) (Energy: 7%)
Icy Essence Jewel (flawless) (Charisma: 26 pts)

Necklace: Searing Demon Necklace 
Cloak: Cloak of the Loyal Bard 
Jewel: Otherworldly Stoic Gem 
Belt: Otherworldly Agile Belt 
Left Bracer: Band of the Dream Conqueror 
Right Bracer: Bracelet of Zo'arkat 
Left Ring: Otherworldly Deft Ring 
Right Ring: Midsummer's Triumphant Wrap 
Mythirian: Freezing Conqueror Mythirian 

Instrument: Abagath Fife 

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