Verine's Mana Monster


Hi guildies,

This will probably be the final build on my HealWarden.
Spec is 47 nurture 47 regrowth 23 shield 10 blades 12 parry. This temp purpose is a super high mana pool with no ROG so anyone can do this (you need the belt or ring I can give :P ) For keep attack and defense switch the gem to Egg of Youth.

Constitution: 125 
Dexterity: 125
Empathy: 85
Hits: 430
Armor Factor (AF): 10

Crush: 26%
Slash: 25% 
Thrust: 25% 
Body:  26%
Spirit: 27%
Energy: 26%
Heat: 26% 
Cold: 26% 
Matter: 26% 

Cast Speed: 10%
Spell Range: 10%

Power Pool: 43%
Arcane Siphon: 20%
Mythical Power Regen: 30% 
Heal Bonus: 25% 

Spell Duration: 17%
Mythical CC Reduction: 5% 
Mythical Realm Points: 5% 

Buff Bonus: 5%
Melee Speed: 2% 
Conversion: 5%

Head: Otherworldly Curative Sunburst 
Chest: Dark Defender's Scalemail 
Arms: Infernal Osnadurtha Sleeves 
Hands: Cursed Blood Gauntlets 

Legs: Dragonsworn Marked Osnadurtha Legs (Crafted)
(TOA Power Pool Cap: 5%)
Heated Shielding Jewel (flawed) (Heat: 5%)
Icy Shielding Jewel (polished) (Cold: 9%)
Earthen Shielding Jewel (polished) (Matter: 9%)
Blood Essence Jewel (flawless) (Hits: 68 pts)

Feet: Soul Infused Boots 
Necklace: Otherworldly Agile Necklace 
Cloak: Cliodna's Otherworldly Restorative Cloak 
Jewel: Otherworldly Piercing Gem 
Belt: Crackling Belt of Power 
Left Bracer: Glimmershade Bracer 
Right Bracer: Band of the Dream Conqueror 
Left Ring: Midsummer's Triumphant Wrap 
Right Ring: Conservator's Ring 
Mythirian: Doppelganger Arcane Mythirian 

Right Hand: Doppelganger Arcane Mace 
Shield: Spell Riddled Leaf Adroit Shield (Crafted - Large)
(Dexterity cap: 5)
Fiery Shielding Jewel (imperfect) (Crush: 7%)
Light Shielding Jewel (faceted) (Energy: 11%)
Dusty Shielding Jewel (flawed) (Body: 5%)
Blood Essence Jewel (precious) (Hits: 60 pts)

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