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CO5 Sunday 09/12/2018 15.00 CET Lead by Feninic


Hello everyone, after doing the Inferno Quest (Circle of Five) Last Sunday, I decided to do another one This Sunday 09.12.2018 at 15:00 CET again. We will meet at the Stablemaster of Druim Ligen (PVE Site) 15 minutes before. To get the credit you have to be done with the first two Championquests. The second one ends with killing Bres. After that you will be guided to speak with the King and with Garran. He will give you the infernal Crystal, which you will need to get the credits for the Co5. After runnung the 5 bosses and the minibosses in the dungeon we will going to kill minilegion and Crom Cruachan in the room behind minilegion... I hope you will enjoy that run again as I will do it... If there are any Questions about you can ask me ingame.... Greetings Feninic

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