Useful slash-commands for any occasion (excerpt)


Hey Folks.. always using some slashcommands.. i made a small collection

for the fun of it ;-)

Useful slash-commands ya might have forgotten. not a complete list.

/stats - your RvR statistic for the time being online (log out rests it)
/statsanon - you statistic is hidden and not shown among the top 20
/stats rp - shows the top 20 players
/stats killrp - top 20 earning RPs with playerkills
/stats kills -  top 20 bodycount
/stats deathblows - top 20 deathblowers
/stats irs - top 20 'I remain standing'
/stats heal - top 20 healers in RvR ( no spreadheal, no instant heals )
/stats resurrect - top 20 players resurrected ( egg counting )
/stats playername - shows the statistic of that player ( can /stats playername on enemy players )

- COMBAT ( in addition to Bougster )
/guard - guarding the targeted player ( class ability needed )
/protect - protecting the targeted player ( class ability needed )
/range - distance to an object. no players, no monsters

/control - takes control over a siege tool
/control release - gives up control
/aim - targeting
/arm - arming a ram
/fire - shooting / firing
/load - supply ammunition

- BOAT (cant remember the NPC to buy your own boat)
/vboard - enter your boat
/invite playername - inviting player to your boat. accepting invitation puts that player in the boat
/vset public - everyone can enter your boat
/vset private - player are able to enter your boat only with invitation
/vdestination X Y - the boat sails to the given coordinates
/vforward - the boat sails towards your groundtarget
/vfollow - follow the selected boat
/vstop - your boat stops (helpful in case of 'man overboard')
/disembark - you leave any boat ( as you cant use the jump-command)

/autosplit - toggles between automaticly loot/coin splitting (groupleader takes it all)
/autosplit loot - regarding loot only
/autoslpit coin - regarding coin only
/disband - you leave the group
/disband playername (groupleader only)- boots a player from you group (gl only)
/makeleader playername - promotes the player to groupleader

- CHAT if you want to start a chatgroup (CG)
/cg invite playername - invites a player to your chat group and starts that group
/cg help - shows all /cg commands

/bg count - number of battlegroup-members
/bg credit - shows the ML-encounter credit for the BG within the last 10 minutes
/bg grantcredit - cant remember how it works . read patchnote 1.75 =O
/bg groups - shows all groups and members. player within groups - but are not in that BG - in brackets. soloplayers (level/class) are displayed also (very handy to fill groups)
/bg groupclass - shows the class for every group in BG
/bg invite playername - invites a player to the battlegroup. if that BG is public, every player should be able to invite in this way
/bg join BGleadername - join a public battlegroup
/bg join BGleadername PW - join a password-protected battlegroup
/bg leader playername (BG leader only) - promotes a player in to the position on a moderator or dismisses it. Moderators are able to invite or boot players and have permission to write in 'read-only'-mode
/bg leave - you leave the battlegroup
/bg listen (BG leader only) - members of the battlegroup have no permission to write. 'read-only'-mode. only leader and moderators are able to write
/bg loot treasurer|normal (BG leader only)- switches on the 'Treasurer', a player that collects all the loot (read more below). normal switches it off.
/bg lootlevel # (BG leader only) - sets a level of the loot that will be collected by the 'Treasurer'. ToA Scrolls = lootlevel 35.
/bg password (BG leader only) - shows the valid PW to the BGleader
/bg password NewPassword (BG leader only) - sets a new PW for the BG
/bg password clear (BG leader only) - deletes the PW
/bg private (BG leader only) - the battlegroup is now privat. a password is required to enter the battlegroup
/bg promote playername (BG leader only) - hands over the leadership to the named player
/bg public (BG leader only) - battelgroup is now public, join it by using . the BG is now visible (/who BG)
/bg remove playername (BG leader only) - booting a player
/bg status - shows the leader, moderators and the loot settings of a battlegroup
/bg treasurer playername (BG leader only) - that player gets all the loot that will drop during the time that command is valid. here the is important. loot below that leel will not be collected from the 'treasurer'. range 4000! have to be in same zone.
/bg who - shows all member of the battlegroup

/bonuses - shows your bonuses
/direction - the direction your character is looking at
/freelevel - status of freelevel
/freelevel decline - cancel the free level for the next period
/friend playername - adds a player to your friendlist (must be online). use it again to delete that player from the list
/friends - take a look at the list of your friends you think you have
/ignore playername - set that player on an ignore list. no chat is received from that player.
/loc - position coordinates of your character
/played - shows the all-over-time you have been online with that character
/rested - shows your rest-status. you are best rested when you logout in th maincity
/quest - lists all quests ya ever did and the quests that are valid
/task - shows valid tasks
/realm - status of the keeps and who holds Darkness Falls
/relic - who hold the relics
/time - shows the ingame-time (some monsters spawn at night)
/title - shows your titles and stats. here you can set your title
/where NPCname - realm-guards can point at NPCs nearby, if you not finding an NPC right click the Guard and use the command
/who BG - (must be public)
/who CG - (must be public)

/setcamera - safes the camera position you get back to after panning/zooming
/resetcamera - cameras default position
/setwho trade - sets your '/who' information to your trade profession
/setwho class - sets your '/who' information to your class
/faceloc X Y - you face at that direction
/houseface #### - you face at that Lot-number

/listmerchant - all items you want to sell from your Merchant are now listed on the Market
/housefriend all|player|account|guild|guildrank|class|race - add to you house. Right-click the wall inside your house to open permission options
/knock - knock at the door ..knockknockknock hihi
/housepickup - brings all invetory in you house/garden to your backpack (not the hookpoints). needed if you upgrade a house
/househelp - help for more commands

there is far  more . i will collect more funky commands.
i hope you find some of theese commands usefull. i am sure, you know a lot of them.
but i think its good to refesh some of them form time to time . feel free to ask ingame also,
if something occures or you kinda stuck with something..

/stuck - logs you out to drop you slightly beside the position you got stuck, as it happens in staircases in HZ, or the wells around ..

well. see ya IG


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