Updates from Carol


Little bit of an update for people inquiring about what's coming and happening in DAoC soon!

Hybrid and support class stuff will be coming in 1.123 - tentatively scheduled for a late spring release (no exact dates, sorry). In 1.123, we are planning on addressing item ability power, stacking, and shifting the focus back to class/realm abilities over items. This may mean that certain abilities get toned down to address character survivability, or may mean that options for increasing survivability through class/realm abilities or other means is given.

We'll have a small update (with downtime) coming in early March, and details of that will be on the Herald soon (not today).

We're also organizing a monthly 1v1 tournament ran by Knight Boxy Brown, still figuring out the details but hope to start that soon enough. Details and schedule next week, baring any hiccups.

More info and details to follow over the next week or so. :)

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