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Chanter Temp


I believe Beastdog, LB, and another asked for my temp last night. If you see this and hop in game, please do a shout in /gu to let them know it's posted. :)

To keep it simple, I will just list the items. We can talk crafted items in comments if there are questions.

Arcane-Infused Armband

Exemplar's Magin Mythirian

Midwinter's Frozen Medal of Honor

Bracelet of Zo'arkat

Searing Demon Belt

Aidon's Slipper

Silksteel Sturdy Bespelled Woven Vest (crafted)

Cloak of the Loyal Enchanter

Otherworldly Piercing Gem

Otherworldly Arcane Gloves

Otherworldly Arcane Orbital

Doppelganger Arcane Mace

Dragonsworn Bespelled Woven Pants (crafted)

Otherworldly Arcane Ring (x2)

Basalt Buckler of Oblivion

Infernal Woven Sleeves

Miasmic Enchanter Staff


Let me know if there are any questions!


Just coming back from a long break,  with an old temp,  what are we going for in this build?  /Use and procs? 

Just curious, wondering if I should go over my build :)

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