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RvR, The Basics!


We have been RvRing quite a bit as a guild lately, thank you LB for leading weekly events Tuesday and Thursday and for everyone else who leads through out the week! :)


On these trips out to RvR I have found we need some direction and education in our RvRing practices, starting with how to form a group and ending with how to use siege. There's a lot of steps in between those so I will be running an RvR set up through a more controlled environment to teach the skills necessary to kick those Mids and Albs out of our lands! :)


There will be little gold earned and even less xp, as we'll all be on lvl 50's, but we will gain the ability to navigate and move as a unit, group up in an instant to defend or even attack, and also have more fun by being more successful in the Realm Point department :)


1 hour after the ML raids every other weekend, I will be leading our forces into the dangerous lands of Sheeroe Hills and other level 50 zones to teach the skills and techniques for success! Mind you, the only real way to gain success is to play the same character all the time in RvR consistently and constantly, the more you play the better you get :)


On that last note, Every other Saturday about 6pm EST I would like you to play the same character every time, if the character doesn't fit your style or you don't like it, by all means bring something else the next time. Some people will need to play characters they're not especially fond of however, we have to have druids, bards, and wardens, that's the breaks folks.


I cant guarantee it will be the most exciting thing in the world, but I'll do my best to make it enjoyable and educational for everyone involved :)

Lets have a fun Saturday everyone! :)

March 11th, 3PM EST ML1

March 11th, 6PM EST RvR, The Basics!



Sounds good Dime, I also think it's great that we are getting some guys out in Molvik. I enjoy learning how to play other classes, the bard has been a lot of fun.


can we have Tuesday rvr fun day to review what we learned Saturday? (some of us need to work saturdays)

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