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FoH tribe grp


We should ask him in game :)


btw i didnt wan't to make fun of him ^^ maybe he doesn't speak english well, tried to translate it, to and from german, but could not really understand 


LoL. Too much beer on this one. No idea what this means. 


Yeah, I'm confused on this post as well.


trunk? Oo

Lifimhirm - Champion
Lifimhirmm - Hero

Blathnill - Druid bot :P


Hello all foh player search people like me daily in heros bg play and interest in a trunk group have .

This has two advantages you do not have to look for new people every day and you can train to play as a group

Because in my opinion it is still possible with a well-established group a zerg or at least a half to put if everyone knows what he is doing

Anyone who has interest can write me daily in heros bg or in gu chat cya in game Krypt


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