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Otherworldly Weddingsday EU style!


Not to be confused with OW Wednesday trademarked by Lillith Inc lol Otherwordly Weddingsday will start Wednesday April 5th, and will try every Wednesday after at 6pm EU, it will be 12pm or noon Eastern US time. Will try to do it every week

It's the butt crack of dawn for me so wont be doing the whole wait around thing as I'll fall asleep so be at Nara Manastrong with the quest ready to go at Noon or you'll have to catch the next one.

First talk to Desmond in the Throne room of Tir Na Nog, he's near the Quartermaster guys in the first open area. Before you leave make sure you have your journal open and see a quest labelled with [Siabra] at the front of it. 

Then leave and talk to the Channeller in TNN and port to 'towns' 'Connla'. Once there talk to Benen then the Stablemaster afterwards to get a ticket to 'Innis Carthaig'.

When you have landed, talk to the stablemaster there in front of you and get a ticket to 'Bog of Cullen Tour', it will fly you all over the Bog of Cullen.

Once you enter the Bog open your map and locate the red dot, SE of center of map. Ride the wyvern ALL THE WAY EAST. You will pass a town on the map, the wyvern will turn west, jump at the edge of the lake you've been flying over this whole time and you'll be right next to the tower where Nara Manastrong is. Talk to Nara and get the quest to kill Queen Cliodna then log that char there and wait for Noon EST :)

There's a ton of mobs with high aggression in the Bog, if you run it or jump south of the tower, you will most likely die a meaningless death so save yourself some time and money and just follow previous directions :)

Just to let people know, we wont be doing 10 as that's about when Herorius is starting his RvR fun but I may for a group to join his BG, odds are they take the keep at some point when it's neutral. Also note, we will wait 1 min after each step to confirm everyone is ready to move on, if you don't speak up and end up not 'being able to port', you can catch next week's raid so make sure you are A. reading along with your journal, B. Have deleted 3 quests from your journal once you have gotten to the Bog of Cullen, and C. Follow directions given in BG/TS. If this is your first time doing OW, TeamSpeak is going to be your friend, if you don't have it get it, if you don't have headphones find speakers, or the headphones you get with any and all cell phones should work also, it's important for you to be in TeamSpeak!

So, April 5th 12pm EST, EDT, what ever we're in now. Be in Bog of Cullen with '[Siabra]' quest to kill Queen Cliodna. If you're not there you'll have to catch the one the week after.

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Thank you for doing OW at another time than I do. It's hard for everyone to participate when they can't login with my scheduled event. You're so awesome :)

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