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I want to see what interest in this event would be. Here is what I'm thinking:

One person leads a group in each battleground (ie. Lilith leads in Killaloe, Vig leads in Thidranki, Dimee leads in Braemer, etc etc.). That leader will stay in that battleground for the remainder of the entire event while those joining will continuously move through all of the battlegrounds until their desired level. This will be a public event for anyone and everyone that needs help in each battleground for experience. 

My first question: Who wants to volunteer for which battleground?

My second question: Do we want to do it this Saturday (04/08) from 4pm EST to 10pm EST?

I will need 7 dedicated people for this to be successful for Hibernia - Killaloe through Cathal Valley.


I'm working on a CV ranger for the very reason of PLing people to 50 so...I'll take CV once my ranger is 49 :)


I'm willing to help out in a BG.  Currently have a few Molvik toons - I can make w/e though.  I'll start leveling a new one and see where I get.  

And I'm not sure we need anyone in Leirvik, considering how easy the quests and tower runs are?



Also probably don't need anyone in Wilton (30-34) since the ToA chest quests get you 5 levels in about 15 minutes solo - I can definitely pop over once in a while to show the method though

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