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Dime's Elitest Extravaganza!!!


So I've been doing a bit of stuff with guildies here and there, not a ton, just a little bit. RvR has been a very hit or miss thing though so going to set this up and will need people to sign up with character name, level, class and realm rank :)


What: Daily RvR, every week day we'll run for atleast 1 hour, weekends we may take off depending on my schedule, just because I'm not there doesn't mean you cant run it! :)

When: Every day at 7pm EST / Midnight or 12am EU starting April 24th :)

Bringing: We need a Silverthorn, 45 regrow 29 nature druid, Whiskyy, warlord hero, void eld, mentalism mentalist, Blademaster, and Saeremid level 50 animist RR5! As you say you can join in I will replace the class with your name, we need this exact group filled! :)

More Info: We will start by filling the group, we will be playing the same characters every time so pick something you wont mind playing a lot. When I say we are RvRing at 7pm that doesn't mean log in at 7pm and then take 30 mins to set up, you need to be ready to move at 7pm :) I know this makes me sound like a jerk but it's important for future RvR fun. In time this will lead to a US timezone BG like Herorius in EU time, it all starts with a solid first group :)

You have to anticipate getting rolled, a LOT...especially by the BGs that run during that time, it's a process and it takes time, but it will change to us doing the rolling :) Also, just because you don't have a character to bring that fits the 'mold' doesn't mean you cant participate, you will just be in group 2 or 3. Again I know this makes me sound like a meanie but I'm not too concerned about it as most of you know me better than that, and those that don't will lol

Monday/Wednesday/Friday we wont be running over an hour as I wont take away from Lillith's events, they are fun and beneficial to all and are very much appreciated :) Wednesday is the exception as once 1-9 are done we will log in our RvR group and run OW10 for those that need it :) If you cant make it we'll make do with what we have, but please try to be there!

Special Note: Warlord Hero has to know how to run rams, cannot stress that enough, so if you are going to be the Hero and you don't know how to run rams, talk to me before April 24th. And by running rams I mean being able to place, drive to the door, aim, and ram, but also being able to unbug a ram if someone else gets it stuck for whatever reason. Sometimes people drop rams before we do and then get them stuck, so important we don't spend 20 mins or have to have another char get it fixed. Again, I can help you learn and we'll drive a ram through all the artifact encounters that use rams in ToA or something, that place can really bug a ram even if you know what you're doing lol

Recap: starting April 24th and going every weekday after that, 7PM EST/midnight 12am EU, RvR with Silverthorn, druid, Whiskyy, warlord hero, void eld, mentalism mentalist, Blademaster, and Saeremid.

Lets have some fun and kick some Mid and Alb rear ends! :)





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If it is not necessarily a viod eld be must also be a mana eld I would gladly become a part of this group


Krypt: "If it is not necessarily a viod eld be must also be a mana eld I would gladly become a part of this group"


Has to be Void eld for keep taking and defense as well as for open field to deal with sorc bolt range mezz and all the bolt range and instant cast things, so has to be void, but you can sub spec mana by all means if you want, though nearsight from light might be more beneficial for you



I can try to get the bard up to 50 by the time you start this. I can't guarantee I can be on every night, but i will try to be as active as I can be.

I can also change from time to time that is not a problem
Just like you can even try to play with 3 bombs as you can be synonymous with some luck first mezz and good positions of the bombs 2-3 groups lay I am there for everything to have and look forward to a few nice rvr hours with you Ps the video you have to look at times :)





RR: 10L3

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I do understand the benefit of a bomb group and they can be a lot of fun, that's not what the plan is for this group though :)

That being said if you're wanting to set up a bomb group you should, I know there are plenty of pbae in the guild :)

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