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Alliance RvR tonight 12th July


Hi all,

Change of plan tonight for RvR. I'm going to run a Private Alliance RvR bg to see if it makes a difference.

I was heavily disappointed with our realm last nite and to see people didn't care i guess we just play it our own way and do what we can do as an alliance.

If we have 1-2 groups that's fine we just roam and do stuff what we wanna do. 

Starting today at: 12am uk / 7pm set 

Password will be in Guild/Alliance chat. 

Hope to see you all there! :) 



Well I'm wondering since we will be heavily outnumbered that we should set up for tower camping and such so classes....

1. Solicfear - hero (Warlord)

2. Druid

3. Heal warden

4. Bard

5. Enchanter/Eld/Bain

6. Enchanter/Eld/Bain

7. Enchanter/Eld/Bain

8. Champion (Static Temp and Siege buff) 


If we can't get these classes then it's not to worry but if we can get at least 4-5 of them that would be great! 


FoH Guild Master 

Solicfear - (Hero) RR11L2

Solicranger - (Ranger) RR3L6

Solicboom - (Eld) 




I plain on being on around tonight, I can bring either a templated BM or VW or a kings gear NS.

If we start to do small groups more often I also have a champ I can finish leveling.


I will have my Druid, Champ or Enchanter available.
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