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A Dragon's Curse Campaign Prologue, Chapter 1-4 Wed 19th


Hi all,


Due to the new Daily RvR quest that came out and the lack of numbers in Hibernia that is making us log early most nights I've decided to take a break from RvR while this new RvR quest dies down a bit. So instead of RvR I'll be running different type of PvE events during US prime-time which I didn't want to do but this kind of forced my hand. 


A Dragon's Curse Campaign Prologue and Chapter 1-4 Wednesday 19th July 


Starting at: 1:30AM CET / 12:30AM UK / 7:30PM EST / 6:30PM CST / 4:30PM PST


BG leader Solicboom


Details will be in bg and I'll also have bg open 45 minutes before so players know what they need done before joining up with the battle group. 


Look forward to seeing you all there



The PvE King


FoH Guild Master 

Solicfear - (Hero) RR11L2

Solicranger - (Ranger) RR3L6

Solicboom - (Eld) 




Shared on DAoC Discord as well.

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