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Lilith Druid Temp


I don't have the stats and such but I can share the items them I'm wearing. Noob Status = killin' it!

Necklace - Otherworldly Agile Necklace

Mythical - Freezing Glistening Mythirian

Cloak - Cliodna's Otherworldly Restorative Cloak

Helm - Otherworldy Curative Sunburst

Chest - Shrouded Grove Vest

Legs - Dragonsworn Marked Osnadurtha Leggings

Boots - Ivy-scaled Boots

Sleeves - Infernal Osnadurtha Sleeves

Hands - Cursed Life Gloves

Belt - Searing Demon Belt

Ring - Otherworldly Deft Ring

Ring - Ring of Granite Enhancement

Wrist - Bracelet of Zo'arkat

Wrist - Band of the Dream Conqueror


Jewel - Otherworldly Piercing Gem

2-Hand - Scepter of the Meritorious

Shield - Cursed Buckler

Mace - Doppelganger Arcane Mace

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