Druid (to reach 374 dext cap with Dext IV))


Hi Fam, 

The new temp I built for Altamz yesterday, sharing with guild. I hope you will like it.

You can switch egg of youth and piercing gem as well as pictstalyer and Oblivion shield, depending on your preference and the situation.

Constitution: 96 
Dexterity: 127
Empathy: 79
Hits: 460 (500 with Egg of Youth)
Armor Factor (AF): 38

Crush: 26%
Slash: 26%
Thrust: 26%
Body:  26%
Spirit: 26%
Energy: 24% 
Heat: 26%
Cold: 28%
Matter: 26%

Cast Speed: 10% 
Heal Bonus: 25%
Power Pool: 32% 
Arcane Siphon: 20%
Spell Duration: 20% 
Spell Range:  10%
Spell Pierce: 10% 
Magic Damage: 4% 
Mythical Power Regen: 13% 
Buff Bonus: 20% (25% avec switch boots)

Head: Otherworldly Curative Sunburst 
Chest: Freezing Grove Vest 

Arms: Decorated Osnadurtha (Stygia) Arms (Crafted)
(TOA Hit Points Cap: 40)
Heated Shielding Jewel (raw) (Heat: 1%)
Light Shielding Jewel (polished) (Energy: 9%)
Fiery Shielding Jewel (faceted) (Crush: 11%)
Earthen Essence Jewel (flawless) (Constitution: 26 pts)

Hands: Spell Marked Osnadurtha (Aerus) Hands (Crafted)
(TOA Buff Bonus: 5%)
Blood Essence Jewel (polished) (Hits: 44 pts)
Icy Shielding Jewel (imperfect) (Cold: 7%)
Heated Shielding Jewel (imperfect) (Heat: 7%)
Watery Shielding Jewel (faceted) (Slash: 11%)

Legs: Astral Leggings of Fortification 

Feet: Dragonsworn Marked Osnadurtha Feet (Crafted)
(Acuity: 15 pts)
Heated Essence Jewel (rough) (Empathy: 8 pts)
Airy Shielding Jewel (faceted) (Thrust: 11%)
Dusty Shielding Jewel (imperfect) (Body: 7%)
Blood Essence Jewel (perfect) (Hits: 76 pts)

Necklace: Searing Demon Necklace 
Cloak: Cliodna's Otherworldly Restorative Cloak 
Jewel: Otherworldly Piercing Gem
Belt: Searing Demon Belt 
Left Bracer: Band of the Dream Conqueror 
Right Bracer: Bracelet of Zo'arkat 
Left Ring: Otherworldly Deft Ring 
Right Ring: Otherworldly Arcane Ring 
Mythirian: Freezing Glistening Mythirian

Right Hand: Miasmic Druid Blade 
Shield: Pictslayer Small Shield

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