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Kit's MHI LW FW Mauler Template FTW KTXBBQ.

So this was an unintended project last night.  I knew that I wanted to look into modifying the previous FW Mauler template to incorporate Legendary Weapons.

First, why Legendary Weapons?  It's important to have a specific reason and purpose to what we are building to.  In this case I was looking at 2 primary items.  Initially, I was looking at the Anytime Chain Owl Strike > Phoenix Strike.  Phoenix Strike procs a Matter DD which hits respectably hard on it's own.  While the Mauler has a Cone Matter Debuff of 15% at 44 Magnetism which does help some with this damage, the reality of group/bg combat is that most targets are going to have Matter Resist buffs on, pushing them north of 45% (Generally around 50%) Matter resists.  In Hib, you're not going to be part of a Matter Debuff train, so the only way to really break down their Matter resist is through LWs.

The second reason to look at Legendary Weapons is for those times you find yourself in a group that is running an Energy or Heat debuff train.  Because you can simply switch out which Legendary Weapons you are using, in these scnearios you can actually benefit directly from the debuff train.

We also have to look at situations where we are not part of a Debuff Train, against a hardened target, prior to the debuff going off.  In those scenarios, LWs are actually a notable weakness, as most players with Resist buffs on will have ~50% magic resists, but only 26-28% Melee resists. Obviously, in these scenarios your melee damage will suffer until a proc happens.  Instead of simply hoping for a Debuff to help fix your damage, you run any of a number of Physical Damage based Mainhand Weapons, and once your OH procs the Debuff you swap over to the LW MH and begin reaping the benefits of the reduced Magic Resist.

Because of this, we have now added the requirement to our template to be MHI.  You can do this one of 2 ways.  Either pure MHI, where it literally does not matter what you put in your MH, or selective MHI in which you have a couple of options you want to use, and can include the common stats in your template (and spellcraft them on the LW MH).  For the below, I have multiple MH Weapons that I may theoretically use, in addition to the LW, but they had no overlapping stats that would impact the template which could be duplicated on the LW, so we went Pure MHI.

Then, I went down the rabbit hole. 

Obviously, we're still building a Melee DPS Template.  This means we want to hit key points for Melee including the ability to reach 400 Str and 250 Qui easily, 10% Primary Melee ToAs, 10% Mythical DPS, High Con and Hits for survivability, solid resists, and + to Melee Skill.

However, since I was already going down the path of LWs to help augment the proc damage, I started looking at what else I could do. 

Magic Damage % was an obvious target as it directly affects the damage of procs.  As we are already easily able to hit most Melee ToAs and overcap with out really trying, it was worth trying to see if I could maneuver this stat in.

Spell Pierce was one that actually has a lot of utility and benefit in this build.  The obvious initial focus was on the procs, and Spell Pierce does directly affect the damage of Procs (both weapon and style).  However, this also has implications in regards to the multiple Root and Snare abilities the Mauler has in the Magnetism line, as this penetrates 10% of the resist, allowing for more consistent application of these effects.

So our goals are now:
10% Melee Speed
10% Melee Dmg
10% Style DMG
10% Magic DMG
10% Spell Pierce
10% Mythical DPS. 
Enough Str to hit 400 without Aug as Celt
Enough Qui to hit 250 without Aug as Celt
100+ Con
400+ Hits
26%+ on all resists
50 AF
+11 Fist Wraps

Also, I want to use the following items because of their reactive procs:
OW Mighty or Adept Helm (280 Heal + Ablative)
Cursed Blood Gauntlets (280 Heal + 25% Omni Heal - 740 heal with this temp)
Freezing/Shrouded Brutalizer Vest (7% Magic Resist proc + 5% Regen Proc)
Soul Infused Boots (Heal proc + passive health regen buff)

And we want to do all of this... with out a Mainhand Weapon.

So how did we do?  We fell 1% Mythical DPS short.
There is additional AF on LW and on many of the MH  that I would want to use (LW, Astral, Dreamcrusher) which will push the total over 50.  Of the weapons I plan to use, only the Pictslayer leaves me at 43 AF.

+16 Str for 400
+2 Qui for 250

400+ Str Naturally
+16 Qui and Aug Qui 2 for 250

400+ Str Naturally
+14 Qui and Aug Qui 2 for 250

+14 Str and Aug Str 5 for 400 (come on, you know it would be hilarious!)
250+ Qui Naturally.

OK OK... fine... I'll stop rambling... Here's the temp.  Enjoy!

 <-- Stats -->

    Strength: 134 / 124 (10)
    Constitution: 139 / 122 (17)
    Dexterity: 61 / 90
    Quickness: 82 / 80 (2)
    Acuity: 0 / 75
    Hits: 559 / 565
    Armor Factor (AF): 43 / 50

<-- Resists -->

    Crush: 27% / 26% (1)
    Slash: 26% / 26%
    Thrust: 26% / 26%
    Body: 26% / 26%
    Spirit: 30% / 28% (2)
    Energy: 26% / 26%
    Heat: 27% / 26% (1)
    Cold: 26% / 28%
    Matter: 28% / 26% (2)
    Essence: 0% / 26%

<-- Skills -->

    All Dual Wielding: 3 / 11
    All Magic Skills: 0 / 11
    All Melee Skills: 18 / 11 (7)
    Aura Manipulation: 0 / 11
    Fist Wraps: 18 / 11 (7)
    Magnetism: 0 / 11
    Mauler Staff: 18 / 11 (7)
    Power Strikes: 0 / 11

<-- Other Bonuses -->

    Melee Damage: 13% / 10% (3%)
    Style Damage: 13% / 10% (3%)
    Melee Speed: 10% / 10%
    Cast Speed: 2% / 10%
    Magic Damage: 10% / 10%
    Spell Range: 2% / 10%
    Power Pool: 5% / 25%
    Spell Pierce: 10% / 10%
    Debuff Bonus: 0% / 25%
    Arcane Siphon: 0% / 25%
    Radiant Aura: 0% / 10%
    Heal Bonus: 0% / 25%
    Spell Duration: 5% / 25%
    Mythical DPS: 9% / 10%
    Mythical Power Regen: 0% / 25%
    Mythical CC Reduction: 0% / 25%
    Mythical Realm Points: 0% / 10%
    Mythical Health Regen: 30% / 50%
    Mythical Endurance Regen: 5% / 10%
    Buff Bonus: 0% / 25%
    Conversion: 3% / 10%
    XP Bonus: 0 / 10
    Gold Bonus: 0 / 10
    Realm Point Bonus: 0 / 10
    Bounty Point Bonus: 0 / 10

<-- Items -->

    Head: Otherworldly Mighty Eyes (
    Chest: Shrouded Brutalizer Vest (
    Arms: Infernal Cruaigh Sleeves (
    Hands: Cursed Blood Gauntlets (
    Legs: Embroidered Cruaigh (Aerus) Legs (Crafted)
            (Strength cap: 5)
            Icy Shielding Jewel (polished) (Cold: 9%)
            Airy Shielding Jewel (imperfect) (Thrust: 7%)
            Heated Shielding Jewel (polished) (Heat: 9%)
            Airy Essence Jewel (polished) (Quickness: 17 pts)
    Feet: Soul Infused Boots (
    Necklace: Searing Demon Necklace (
    Cloak: Sulphurous Demon Cloak (
    Jewel: Gem of the Harbinger (
    Belt: Searing Demon Belt (
    Left Bracer: Bracer of the Fomor (
    Right Bracer: Bracelet of Eternal Retribution (
    Left Ring: Otherworldly Mighty Ring (
    Right Ring: Midsummer's Triumphant Wrap (
    Mythirian: Freezing King Mythirian (

<-- Weapons -->

    Right Hand: Anything you want!
    Left Hand: Legendary Weapon (Crafted)
            (TOA Style Damage: 3%)
            (TOA Melee Damage: 3%)
            (Armor Factor (AF): 10)
            Watery Shielding Jewel (imperfect) (Slash: 7%)
            Dusty Shielding Jewel (rough) (Body: 3%)
            Fiery Shielding Jewel (precious) (Crush: 13%)
            Blood Essence Jewel (polished) (Hits: 44 pts)

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